Bespoke Investment Group looks at the historical correlations of the S&P 500 with various asset classes.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times on how hedge fund returns look increasingly like the overall capital markets.

All About Alpha on how one fund of hedge fund manager creates “A highly diversified pool of alternative betas.”

One asset class, international real estate, has recently been on more investors’ radar screens. Roger Nusbaum at examines a new REIT.

Joanna Ossinger at MarketBeat on what is hot in the so-called ‘frontier markets.’

Tennille Tracy at Deal Journal on the prospect for even more conflict as hedge funds encroach on private equity turf.

Gregory Zuckerman and Serena Ng at on some bumps in the road for some recent private equity-lead transactions.

Ben Steverman at on the future of sell-side equity research.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the state of the market in light of recent weakness.

Accrued Interest on a day of “classic capitulation” in the bond market.

Maybe this was due to PIMCO heavy-hitter Bill Gross “throwing in the towel” on the bond market. (via

David Gaffen at MarketBeat on how bonds have become attractive to asset allocators.

Joel Bloomer at examines some “exceptionally expensive” stocks.

Calculated Risk on the continued drop in household equity as a percent of home value.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight with an alternative view of the personal savings rate and household wealth.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on less than honest forecasts of the housing market.

CXO Advisory Group on the evolving nature of the efficient markets hypothesis. on where the Gulf states are investing their surpluses.

Uh oh…Pradeep Bonde at Stockbee points out Apple (AAPL) is on the cover of The Economist. Where they explore the “third act” of Apple that is the iPhone.

Golden parachutes are primed and ready at Dow Jones (DJ). (via

Taxi cab medallions as an alternative investment. Naureen S. Malik at on Medallion Financial (TAXI).

Daniel P. Taylor at on the state of online poker in America.

Free exchange on what to make of the statistical argument showing stronger growth during Democratic administrations in the U.S.

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