Edward Chancellor at breakingviews.com with a really creative look at how the Blackstone Group-led push to come public may play out…in 2012! (via DealBook)

Speaking of going public. Daniel Loeb of Third Point is taking a hedge fund public in the UK. Helen Thomas at FT Alphaville prepares London for the activist investor Loeb’s “poison pen.”

With all the wrangling over “editorial independence” what should a holder of Dow Jones (DJ) stock do now? (via DealBook)

Today’s “word of the day” is “oversold.” Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture looks at the case for bonds post sell-off.

Ticker Sense on just how oversold the bond market has gotten.

Karen Richardson and David Reilly at WSJ.com on how some investors might play the rise in rates.

We vote this story by Floyd Norris in the New York Times on changes in SEC rules on short-selling the “under-reported story of the day.”

Bess Levin at DealBreaker.com rounds-up coverage of Bear Stearns (BSC) and their “mortgage mess.”

Maybe today’s word of the day should be “megacap.” Gwen Robinson at FT Alphaville on the attraction of megcaps in an overvalued world.

Coattail investing seems to be working out well for Justin Fuller and the “ultimate stock picker’s portfolio” over at Morningstar.com.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the odds of a “VIX implosion.”

CXO Advisory Group takes a closer look at a well-publicized trading system.

Back to on of our favorite topics, active ETFs, IndexUniverse.com begs the question, “Why do we want active ETFs in the first place?”

All About Alpha with a really interesting post on how one might generate some alpha from the film industry.

Aaron Pressman and David Merkel on just how much stock we should put in Bill Gross’ public pronouncements.

Lawrence Carrel at TheStreet.com looks at growing competition in the “fundamental index” space.

Mark Gongloff at Energy Roundup on T. Boone Pickens’ bet on…wind?

Tyler Cowen at Slate.com writes Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s best-selling “The Black Swan works best as an advice book.”

Curtis Faith at TheStreet.com with some background on how it is he came to write Way of the Turtle.

Tyler Cowen (again) this time in the New York Times on how America is so amenable to teenage entrepreneurs.

Jason Furman guest blogging at Free exchange on the differences between an estate tax and an inheritance tax.

Facebook, now open to the rest of us, is getting a great deal of attention from the likes of Howard Lindzon and Felix Salmon.

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