We have noted, probably too many times for some of you, that investing is difficult. To some of you that may seem entirely obvious. Great investors work very hard at their craft, whether it be fundamental, technical or quantitative. There are no shortcuts to success.

To that we would add a corollary. Investment blogging is difficult. Creating and maintaining a investment or trading blog requires time, dedication, creativity and perseverance. Again we should not be surprised that there are relatively few blogs that consistently achieve that standing.

Underlining this point, in the last few days we have seen two prominent, long-standing investment/trading bloggers leave the scene. Yaser Anwar recently noted on his blog that he is taking a “permanent hiatus from the blogging scene.” In addition, Trader-X announced on his blog “I have seen many blogs come and go over the years, and I think it is time for me to go. Priorities change and life sometimes has a way of making you wonder what it is all about.” Both will be missed.

As a chronicler of the investment blogosophere through our daily linkfests we recognize that maintaining a good investment blog is difficult. That is why, in our opinion, we are seeing a relative shift toward blogs affiliated with the mainstream media. Good blogging, like all other writing, requires a full-time focus (and at least part-time pay).

If you are a reader of the investment blogsophere you have undoubtedly come across an idea or concept that you would not have otherwise. In that spirit, we ask that you try to support your favorite investment or trading bloggers in whatever manner you see fit. For some it might mean financially through donations, or purchasing your investment books through an Amazon.com affiliate link. For others it may mean a simple e-mail, or comment that says thanks and provides a word or two of encouragement.

Good (and even bad) blogs don’t create themselves. (We are, of course, excepting the fine folks who generate splogs here.) Like everything else in life, you cannot expect that your favorite investment blogs will be around forever. For those bloggers who are thinking of moving on your encouragement might be the spark they need to continue…at least for a little while longer.