Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture with a “brief history” of the mortgage mess.

Calculated Risk on the spread in mortgage delinquency rates.

“If the economy is growing, why isn’t freight?” (via Real Clear Economics)

Bespoke Investment Group with a global look at current 10-year government bond yields and the spread of “bad breadth.”

Matthew Hougan at notes good news for commodity investors “…contango seems to be abating.”

Greg Newton at NakedShorts on the dangers of “client concentration risk” to a hedge fund.

Competition is coming to the hedge fund replication game. (via All About Alpha)

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight notes that to investors “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing….”

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report asks if we are seeing “the end of the VIX as we know it.”

Are moving average crossovers good trading signals? (via CXO Advisory Group)

Felix Salmon at Market Movers, “My suspicion is that right now there’s not enough demand for capital to match the supply of it.”

Pat Regnier at “The success of ETFs and hedges says a lot about how mutual funds fall short.”

Christine Benz at on finding lesser-known mutual funds run by high-profile managers.

Yves Smith at naked capitalism“narcissistic CEOs produce more volatile performance.”

Kevin Kelleher at asks “What is holding back eBay’s stock?”

Is the well-documented ‘endowment effect‘ an artifact of experimental design? (via Free exchange)

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