Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the “great credit contraction of 2007.”

Bill Gross thinks that “The easy credit that helped drive the buyout spree of the past two years is quickly evaporating…” (via DealBook)

Are credit market woes putting the “LBO put” at risk? This could eliminate what we called ‘megacap catalysts‘ that has served as a market support. (via FT Alphaville)

A Fed official sees “no sign yet” that subprime woes will affect the larger economy. (via Real Time Economics)

Alea on the fact that “Credit risk is hard to estimate.”

Just ask those who are trying to price CDOs. (via NakedShorts)

Accrued Interest on liquidity in the corporate bond market.

Hedge funds had a good first half. (via DealBook)

SAC Capital(?!?) and Apollo Management are planning to sell stakes to outsider investors.

Are firms awash in cash all chasing the same deals and becoming more alike? (via Deal Journal)

David Merkel at the Aleph Blog on the differences between the bond and the credit default swap markets.

Existing private equity deals are coming under more credit rating scrutiny. (via Deal Journal)

The U.S. dollar looks weak against currencies named for birds. (via FT Alphaville)

Bespoke Investment Group and Mark Hulbert on the currently (muted) sentiment situation.

Demand for short exposure is increasing. (via All About Alpha)

Mebane Faber at World Beta on hedge fund replication including CTAs.

You cannot progress as an investor if you cannot calculate your past portfolio performance. (via CXO Advisory Group)

Do people in finance really love what they are doing? (via

Altruism could lead to a “healthier, happier life.” (via

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