A notable technical indicator hints at a market bottom. (via Trader Mike)

The VIX melts up. What to do? (via Daily Options Report)

The LBO funding window is closed. (WSJ.com & NYTimes.com)

Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. (via DealBook)

Hence the KKR initial public offering is in doubt. (DealBook & WSJ.com)

The markets are beginning to look for a Fed rate cut. (via Calculated Risk)

Even the best investors can underperform. (via Bloomberg.com)

Tech stocks held up relatively well yesterday. (via Infectious Greed)

Homebuilders lead on the downside. (via Bespoke Investment Group)

Deep market thoughts from Howard. (via Howard Lindzon)

Eleven market indicators. (via Aleph Blog)

Goldman Sachs (GS) is getting into the long-short hedge fund biz. (via Information Arbitrage)

Managed futures assets on the march despite middling performance. (via NakedShorts)

How did some alternative asset classes do in the market downdraft? (via World Beta)

Ugh. “A study by two B-school professors finds that executives ward off stock downgrades by currying favor with analysts that cover their companies.” (via BusinessWeek.com)

The debate over fundamental indexation continues apace. (via All About Alpha)

More bond ETFs coming to market, including an emerging market bond fund. (via ETF Trends)

How do mortgages get re-packaged and re-sold? (via Big Picture)

In defense of securitization. (via Market Movers)

The probability of a recession is rising. (via Econbrowser)

CNBC cat fight! (via DealBreaker.com)

Activist investing seems to work. (via SSRN.com)

Is the solution to sports gambling scandals more gambling? (via Freakonomics Blog)

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