Matthew Hougan at has a primer on ETNs and notes the growing number of entrants into the market.

Justin Lahart at looks at the prospects for stock buybacks in the face of credit market stress.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report reminds us that there is “no crying” in investing.

Gwen Robinson at FT Alphaville on why investors should be paying attention to the cyclicals and commodity sectors and not just the financials.

David Merkel at the Aleph Blog on the state of the “great substitution of equity for debt.”

DealBook on how big a role LBOs have played in recent market stress and how much exposure the investment banks have to deals still in the pipeline.

Shawn Tully at Fortune on the “sanity returning to the market” and the bursting of the private equity bubble.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the “chutzpah” of Bear Stearns (BSC).

Accrued Interest on the market’s expectations for the emergence of a “Bernanke Put.”

Jeff Bailey at reviews the prospects for drywall maker USG Corp. (USG) as homebuilding falls off.

Daniel Gross at thinks claims that the subprime mess is contained are short-sighted.

Felix Salmon at Market Movers on the “slamming shut” of the jumbo mortgage window.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts highlights the growing trend of hedge fund managers giving back fees.

Free exchange on the “most efficient way to achieve success in the field of economic punditry.”

Foreign Policy lists the world’s most valuable disputed turf is (not surprisingly) related to natural resources. (via Daniel W. Drezner)

Coffee blogging is back! Lisa Stein at reviews a new study that shows caffeine “…appears to reduce cognitive decline in women.”

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