Is the Fed flirting with “moral hazard”? (via Big Picture)

Was the Fed “too loose for too long”? (via Real Time Economics)

Howard Lindzon has an update on his “loose money indicator.”

Landon Thomas Jr. at on how the “pack mentality” at quant hedge funds has driven recent market volatility.

“Troubled” Goldman Sachs‘ hedge funds bailed out. (via & DealBook)

More hedge funds are set to disclose recent performance. (via

Helen Thomas at FT Alphaville catches up on a number of hedge fund ‘tales of woe.’

Greg Newton at NakedShorts notes “ten things he wants to know.”

Jeff Matthews wonders what is happening at Barclay’s.

Bad timing for the launch of a mortgage REIT ETF. (via

Reaching for yield does not always pay, as some ‘money fund substitutes’ get hurt by the subprime mess. (via

Bloggers are looking for a bounce. (via Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll) is getting into the options analytics business.

Brett Arends at with “five funds to buy in a market crash.”

Buy the fund manager, not the fund…are money manager stocks worth a look? (via

Even well-planned alternative energy projects are not always easily implemented. (via Volokh Conspiracy)

Airport congestion is getting worse., Becker and Posner weigh in on the problem.

How to be a middle-aged man. ( via FT Alphaville)

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