What the heck is going on with LIBOR these days? (via WSJ.com)

Doug Kass at TheStreet.com with nine reasons why the equity market rise is in all likelihood limited.

David Gaffen at MarketBeat with five reasons why the Fed will cut rates.

Tim Bond at FT.com on how the “authorities” have reacted to the current financial market crisis.

Limited life, i.e. one year, hedge funds are an interesting idea. (via FT Alphaville)

Accrued Interest has a great idea for banks holding a passel of buyout loans.

“Investment advisers predict widespread withdrawals from the market-neutral quant equity sector…” (via FT.com)

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on September market performance and the odds of a Fed cut.

What is the EEM/EFA ratio telling us about the health of the market? (via VIX and More)

Technology stocks are overbought while the S&P remains in neutral territory. (via Bespoke Investment Group)

Jane J. Kim at WSJ.com on three fixed-income sectors where investors are find yield.

Yves Smith at naked capitalism on the “barriers to bottom-fishing” in the hard-hit fixed income sectors.

Free Exchange on making the best of the bad (economic) situation.

What stocks are the “all-star fund managers” buying these days? (via Morningstar.com)

James Picerno at Wealth Manager on how a “bull market in everything” has thrown a wrench into the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight on the evolution of investment blogs and their growing importance.

A WSJ.com article on research on how the personal lives of CEO affects corporate performance attracted some attention from Paul Kedrosky, Yves Smith and Tyler Cowen.

Private equity tax issues are back on Congress’ “front burner.” (via DealBook)

Arnold Kling at EconLog on the sources of the housing price run-up since 1995.

Keith Hahn at DealBreaker.com linkbaits us with an item on the presumptive sale of the Chicago Cubs.

Are Very Light Jets (VLJ) the future of the air-taxi business? (via csmonitor.com)

Speaking of jets, a $600,000 CEO perk. (via DealBook)

Is a new microbe the beginning of more efficient ethanol production? (via CNNMoney.com)

Hedge fund managers march on Washington D.C. (via Newsweek.com)

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