Mark Hulbert thinks the steepening yield curve story has been underplayed in the media. (

Just how bad is the housing recession going to get? (FT Alphaville)

Felix Salmon writes “The fact is that it’s wrong to simply paint all subprime lending as misguided.” (Market Movers)

Can we trust the LIBOR rates we see on the screen? (Calculated Risk)

Is a post-strike General Motors (GM) now a takeover target? (Deal Journal)

The drop in the dollar has led to healthy asset growth for currency ETFs. (

Volume in the currency market has exploded. (

For the first time in a long time, tech stocks are leading the market. (

Howard Lindzon has a handful of Internet-stock related observations. (Silicon Valley Insider)

Bill Rempel takes a closer look at the performance of high profile (and bearish) fund manager, John Hussman. (Bill Rempel a.k.a. No DooDahs!)

Jeff Miller looks behind the headlines at three major market themes. (A Dash of Insight)

Adam Warner doesn’t have much good to say about options on…Google (GOOG). (Daily Options Report)

Some (really) long-term perspective on the S&P 500’s P/E ratio and dividend yield. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Eddy Elfenbein on the performance of the Dow by the day of the week. (Crossing Wall Street)

Mebane Faber on the volatility of correlation. (World Beta)

Barry Ritholtz recommends a new book on language and human cognition. (Big Picture)

Tired of the ethanol boom? Stay tuned for the biodiesel boom. (

“(Wheat) has never been more expensive relative to corn, soybeans and cotton.” (

Greg Newton highlights two asymmetrical headlines. (NakedShorts)

How the character of Gordon Gekko became a “folk hero” for many on Wall Street. (

David Leonhardt on research showing a decline in women’s happiness relative to men. (

Alex Tabarrok notes “Opportunity brings opportunity cost.” (Marginal Revolution)

Put down that cup of coffee! Research finds a potential link between the use of acetaminophen and caffeine and liver damage. (Science Blog)

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