“(A)lmost every (housing) market across the country is similarly impaired…” (NYTimes.com)

Some money market funds are on record has holding CDOs backed by subprime mortgage debt. (naked capitalism)

What does $100 a barrel oil mean for the U.S. economy? (WSJ.com)

“Signs of inflation are evident throughout the economy.” (Slate.com)

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How normal are market conditions? (Aleph Blog)

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“(F)or corporate buyers confidence is the lifeblood and driver of strategic M&A activity.” (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Expect continued M&A activity in the hedge fund industry. (CNNMoney.com)

Does the GM-UAW VEBA agreement validate the notion that the union already owns the auto maker? (Market Movers)

Results are beginning to trickle in for hedge funds’ push into movie finance. (NYTimes.com)

Can a dairy be big and organic? (SeattleTimes.com)

“The end of the ethanol boom is possibly in sight and may already be here…” (NYTimes.com)

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