Tom Lauricella with an interesting story on the ups and downs of mutual fund shareholder activism. (

Have the emerging markets disengaged from the influence of the U.S. economy? (FT Alphaville)

Emerging market equities are trading at a premium. (

ETF pricing is becoming increasingly bifurcated. (

Adam Lashinsky on why Blackstone Group (BX) may now be a buy. (

Why smaller hedge funds may be looking to sell out to bigger players. (

Is there a way to improve on the “Halloween indicator”? (

Research into systematic options strategies for individual stocks. (CXO Advisory Group)

A fall in implied volatility for JPY/USD is indicative of the return of the carry trade. (MarketBeat)

The really big volatility picture. (Daily Options Report)

What inflation rate should the Fed target? (Market Movers)

“If the Fed is going to pick an inflation measure to target, we want them to target something that in most closely aligned with shifts in money supply and shifts in money supply alone.” (Accrued Interest)

Tim Middleton on the steps an investor can take take to protect against inflation? (MSN Money)

Who knew local conditions played such a large role in Fed governor voting? (Real Time Economics)

Morningstar’s take on trends in indexing, including their new commodity indices. ( (PDF) via Financial page)

On the relationship between the stock market and real GDP. (Econbrowser)

Radiohead is giving away its latest album for tips. Econ bloggers weigh in on this natural experiment: Big Picture, Free Exchange, Mankiw Blog, Truth on the Market, Freakonomics, Long Tail & Marginal Revolution)

How to fake your way through the 2007 baseball postseason. (

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