An earlier than normal version of the linkfest follows:

On the three levels of “precision” when it comes to pricing securities. (

The problems of securities pricing are global. (NakedShorts)

Market undervaluation has disappeared since the August low. (

The state of the U.S. municipal bond “carry game.” (

Emerging market bonds now have their own ETF. (

On the importance of confidence in ETF trading system construction. (A Dash of Insight)

REIT stock prices have bounced hard post-credit crisis. (ETF Trends)

But the global commercial real estate market may have some downside. (

Tigers vs. Turtles. Who wins? (World Beta)

Brett Steenbarger’s “Ten Generalizations That Guide My Trading.” (TraderFeed)

Research into how the Treasury yield curve shifts in accord with shifting Fed fund expectations. (Econbrowser)

On the prospect for further earnings gains based on rising productivity. (naked capitalism)

More pilots hired in September 2007 since 2001. (

Controversy over the pay (or lack thereof) of bloggers for the Huffington Post. (Mixed Media).

Speaking of blog networks, just how much is Seeking Alpha worth? (24/7 Wall Street)

Bidders prepare to pay up for the domain name (Infectious Greed & FT Alphaville)

Don’t mess with the prediction markets. (Market Movers)

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