If you missed it, please note our 2nd blogiversary.

The SIV rescue plan “requires the implicit cooperation of investors.” (WSJ.com)

The transports are lagging. (WSJ.com)

Don’t expect more from your high yield fund than the yield. (Morningstar.com)

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On how will future generations look at our current interest in hedge funds. (Chicago Boyz)

Looking back on the anniversary of Black Monday (1987 edition). (Big Picture)

Investment performance “so good, it’s scary.” (TheStreet.com)

“(I)in the short term, economic growth and stock returns have little relationship.” (USNews.com)

Hard to know who to root for in this showdown. (NakedShorts)

Is the Fed, according to its own logic, behind the curve? (The Talking Fed)

Econobloggers on the winners of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics. (Odd Numbers & Curious Capitalist)

The effort to sell the Chicago Cubs has slowed to a crawl…” (Financial Week)

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