We here at Abnormal Returns HQ are going to take a couple of days off from blogging. Therefore no linkfest. Undoubtedly a sad state of affairs, but you will survive. In our stead we wanted to recommend a few other daily linkfests that are well worth your time. In no particular order:

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report has a semi-daily linkfest that gets re-broadcast over at Minyanville.com. Adam usually covers a handful of topics with a healthy dose of snark.

Charles Kirk at the Kirk Report has one of the longer running linkfests. His linkfests are comprehensive with a healthy dose of items on stocks and trading philosophy.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed also has a semi-regular linkfest. Dr. Brett usually zeroes in on equity market conditions with a smattering of his quantitative market observations.

James Altucher at TheStreet.com is another long-running entrant in the daily linkfest sweepstakes. His Daily Blog Watch focuses more on stock-specific items, but also highlights items we might have missed.

Last, but not least, Trader Mike is another dedicated daily linkfester. Although his site is trading oriented, his linkfests helpfully range across the investment landscape.

There you have it. Our guess is that these bloggers would agree with us that producing worthwhile linkfests on a regular basis is no easy task. So if you enjoy their work, feel free to send them your kudos.


Update (as of 5/09/08). In light of the apparent demise of the Daily Blog Watch at TheStreet.com. David Merkel at the Aleph Blog (always well worth a visit) nominates a couple of other linkfests for inclusion.  Those would include the link posts at Alea and at naked capitalism.  In addition we would nominate the linkfest over at Economist’s View.