We are entering one of the best five-day periods for the market. (CXO Advisory Group)

Is the ‘Sell in May‘ phenomenon weakening? (Bespoke Investment Group)

Annual changes in the S&P 500 and the VIX. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Are quant funds toast, and if so are fundamental investors the beneficiaries? (Market Movers)

Housing prices have not bottomed yet. (Big Picture)

Monoline bond insurers are coming under increased scrutiny. (naked capitalism)

The tax advantages of ETNs are coming into question. (WSJ.com)

Short ETFs covering the international markets are here. (TheStreet.com)

Capital continues to flow into private equity and hedge funds. (TheDeal.com)

Should you still care about ‘beta‘? (Capital Spectator)

Target (TGT) stock has become a real battleground. (Deal Journal)

World Beta celebrates its first blogiversary with a link to some choice posts. (World Beta)

A little bit of optimism is beneficial in making economic choices. (Science Blog & SSRN)

Are we still in the “second or third inning” of the social networks “megatrend”? (Howard Lindzon)

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