“Who’s really to blame for the problems at CitiSmorgasbord?” (Jeff Matthews)

How bad will it get for Citigroup (C)? (Market Movers, Curious Capitalist, naked capitalism, FT Alphaville)

“One lesson of the current market chaos, then, is that it’s hard to get incentives right.” (NewYorker.com)

The damage done to financial balance sheets by the subprime/credit crisis is still yet unknown. (Economist.com)

“The lesson seems to be: Watch what they do, not what they say. Especially if they say it in a folksy Midwest way.”  (DealBreaker.com)

Barry Diller plans to break-up IAC/Interactive Corp. into a handful of “pure plays.” (DealBook, Infectious Greed)

Four insights into mutual fund selection culled from academic research. (WSJ.com)

Competition is working to bring down ETF expense ratios. (WSJ.com)

Different ways to play agricultural price inflation. (Confused Capitalist)

Advisors (and their clients) continue to adopt alternative investments. (All About Alpha)

Five ETFs that “fool you.” (IndexUniverse.com)

More on the ins and outs of the new muni bond ETFs. (WSJ.com)

Google (GOOG) launches their mobile phone platform. (GigaOM.com)

Is there a whole book on the surprisingly nuanced concept of “free“? (Long Tail)

On the importance of writing well and making money. (Mankiw Blog)

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