The super-SIV is apparently back on track. (

“Anything at this point that can enhance liquidity is a good thing, an important thing.”  (Information Arbitrage)

Are the quants taking it on the chin once again? (

Is the Fed stuck “in a box”? (Interfluidity)

Natural gas is a “bargain” compared to crude oil. (

Is the U.S. Dollar trade “too easy and too crowded”? (Howard Lindzon)

Are dividend cuts coming to the banking sector. (

“Mr. Market” is opening the door to investment opportunities. (

ABX and CMBX indices have another bad day. (Calculated Risk)

“In other words, CDOs are arcane and hairy paper.” (naked capitalism)

Do you have a verifiable “competitive edge in trading”? (TraderFeed)

Visa Inc. is going public. (

The new global timber ETF. (

Is art just another asset class? (DealBook)

Is the Airbus A380 the “most hideous airliner ever conceived?” (

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