Investors continue to funnel money into the largest hedge funds calling into question their ability to generate alpha. (

Some one thinks the “..falling Dollar has no real fundamental economic consequences?” (Jeff Matthews)

Putting subprime mortgage assets into some context. (Alea)

Emerging market equities are now trading at a premium to the developed markets. (

“The canary in the coal mine is the holiday shopping season.” (Big Picture)

Is the “world is approaching a practical limit to the number of barrels of crude oil that can be pumped every day”? (

Will the “SIV salvage operation” succeed? (naked capitalism)

“The financial sector is one of two groups in the S.& P. 500 that is down for the year…” (

How can index funds beat the market? (Market Movers)

Little predictive value for the stock market for a widely touted indicator. (CXO Advisory Group)

“When it comes to hedge funds, the bottom line seems to be clear: don’t rely on the “percent positive months” metric when buying a hedge fund…” (All About Alpha)

Tracking error for international equity ETFs. (Investment News)

What stocks does T. Boone Pickens‘ hedge fund own? (Bespoke Investment Group)

How is Carl Icahn faring with the slated break-up of Temple-Inland (TIN)? (

Google (GOOG) is causing all sorts of consternation for other bidders in the 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction. (

Will Kindle spark interest in e-books? (Silicon Alley Insider)

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