What say Dow Theory about the state of the market? (WSJ.com)

U.S. multinationals have been taking it on the chin of late. (FT Alphaville)

The subprime mortgage crisis has made judging a firm’s riskiness all the more difficult. (DealBook)

Freddie [Mac] and Ambac going to have to raise capital. (Accrued Interest, ibid)

How the liquidity put came back to bite. (Market Movers)

How to build models in light of imperfect knowledge. (Economist.com)

How much beta is there in individual hedge funds and hedge fund indices? (All About Alpha)

The derivatives business is booming. (Alea)

Is there nothing special about private equity after all? (DealBreaker.com & Stalwart)

Are quant funds beginning to “smell like toast.” (Ultimi Barbarorum)

“The challenge of dealing with anxiety in trading is that, very often, the times of heightened threat are also times of enhanced opportunity.” (TraderFeed)

A trading account gives thanks for continuous improvement. (VIX and More)

Oil prices in all currencies, not just U.S. dollars, are up. (Market Movers)

Why do economists blog? (Econbrowser)

Why does Starbucks continue to push Paul McCartney down our collective throats? (Jeff Matthews)

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