Congratulations John Q. Public, it’s a stock market correction! (

“The important investment decision left to be made is distinguishing between a correction and a bear market.” (Ticker Sense)

Bear market territory in China? (Bespoke Investment Group)

A huge one-drop in Treasury yields. (Crossing Wall Street, MarketBeat)

Is there a re-balancing opportunity on the horizon? (Capital Spectator)

Is the Fed behind the curve? (Alea)

The market expects a December Fed rate cut. (Calculated Risk)

The Fed is injecting long-term funds. (naked capitalism)

Do we need more inflation, not less? (Infectious Greed)

Citigroup (C) becomes a “subprime borrower” itself. (Big Picture, FT Alphaville, DealBook)

“It feels like the major global banks don’t trust each other enough to lend to each other short term.” (Aleph Blog)

The story behind the “liquidity put” becomes all the more interesting. (Market Movers)

Pension funds continue to diversify away from domestic equities. (

Don’t expect alternative betas from alternative energy. “When you look at a two-year horizon, it would appear that the PBW is essentially an XLE with “noise”.” (All About Alpha)

Six stocks that could go to zero. (24/7 Wall St.)

Using ETFs to assist in tax-loss harvesting. (

The new “retirement income funds” explained. (

A research paper, “Do Buyouts (Still) Create Value?” ( via

Don’t expect all that much “openness” from the incumbent cellphone carriers. (Silicon Alley Insider)

It’s the cold and flu season. Wash your hands for goodness’ sakes. (

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