The frontier markets are emerging as a full-fledged investment option with new indices and funds coming to market. (

4.9% GDP growth?!? What say Gross Domestic Income? (Big Picture, Real Time Economics)

“It may be that the markets used to follow the Fed — but now the market is Don Corleone, and the Fed is Jack Woltz, a step away from a horse’s head in its bed.” (MarketBeat)

Commercial credit dries up. (

Is there “..plenty of bad credit left out there to short.”? (

Is the commercial real estate market next up for hard times? (naked capitalism)

Event-driven hedge funds are taking it on the chin. (FT Alphaville)

Big, multi-strategy hedge funds continue to attract capital from institutional investors. (DealBook)

E*Trade Financial (ETFC) attracts a white knight. (DealBook,, Infectious Greed, Market Movers)

What will Freddie Mac (FRE) pay to shore up its balance sheet? (Accrued Interest)

In praise of cutting dividends. (Market Movers)

The final word on the Citigroup-ADIA investment. (Alea)

What happens after two big up days in a row? (Bespoke Investment Group, ibid)

(V)olatility has represented smart money this year.” (Daily Options Report)

“The yield premium for junk is currently the highest in about four years.” (Capital Spectator)

What is the right fee arrangement for a 130/30-type investment program? (All About Alpha)

“You know, trading is a craft. It’s something you hone over time.” (TraderFeed)

A back-of-the-envelope estimate of how a Yahoo-MSN combination might look. (Silicon Alley Insider)

The Trappist monks at St. Sixtus monastery in Belgium make some of the most sought after beer in the world. (

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