90 cents on the dollar…recent LBO deal loans are underwater. (WSJ.com)

Just what is Warren Buffett up to buying TXU buyout bonds? (DealBook, Market Movers)

The mortgage rescue plan is not really about helping homeowners. (Interfluidity, naked capitalism)

How is the SIV problem going to affect various money market funds? (Accrued Interest, WSJ.com)

The lesser told tale of standby loan facilities. (Alea)

A longer-term look at the TED spread. (Bespoke Investment Group)

“Can anything stop the Spac-a-palooza?” (DealBook)

In defense of the rating agencies. (Aleph Blog)

In regards to bank writedowns, “Put more succinctly, bad is good, unless it’s really really bad.” (MarketBeat)

EAFE funds…what are they good for? (Morningstar.com)

The downside of fundamental indexation. (TheStreet.com)

A new family of ETFs now trading, including a so-called “sin” fund. (IndexUniverse.com)

Applying portable alpha strategies to open-end mutual funds. (All About Alpha)

All hedge fund strategies lost money in November. (Infectious Greed, DealBreaker.com)

Does subsidizing home ownership hurt labor mobility and economic growth? (Free Exchange)

An example of public pronouncements and not-so private portfolio performance. (NakedShorts)

Has industrial production (already) peaked? (Econbrowser)

Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.” ~ Lau-tzu (Financial Philosopher)

A stock pick from a political reporter. (Capital)

Another blog jumps off the Seeking Alpha bandwagon. (Controlled Greed)

Violins as a really alternative investment. (Odd Numbers)

A transit map of the world’s transit systems. (strange maps)

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