High grade borrowers see some benefit from lower Treasury yields. (WSJ.com)

Does the Citadel purchase of E*Trade (ETFC) mortgage assets set a floor and if so, what does it mean for Wall Street? (DealBreaker.com, ibid)

Marking-to-market subprime debt and the “ignorance discount.” (Market Movers)

Do we need global central bank rate cuts? (Infectious Greed)

Roughly 50% odds of a 50 bp Fed funds rate cut. (naked capitalism)

Citi doesn’t need a major strategic overhaul.” (CNNMoney.com)

Due to the credit downturn Cerberus is juggling a number of problematic deals. (DealZone)

More on the poor performance of hedge funds in November. (FT Alphaville)

Jim Rogers’ advice summarized, “Get out of the dollar, teach your children Chinese, and buy commodities.” (BusinessWeek.com)

Are we facing an “imminent slowdown” in commercial real estate investment? (Calculated Risk)

The media story that is Goldman Sachs (GS) and Ben Stein. (FT Alphaville)

You want rumors? Doug Kass has them. (TheStreet.com)

Wow!…A 13 bp globally diversified ETF portfolio. (IndexUniverse.com)

Compressed global P/E ratios. (Abnormal Returns)

Research into whether focused funds outperform. (CXO Advisory Group)

Who is to blame for the big exit packages for ousted CEOs? (DealBook)

An extended discussion of the state of comparative advantage in the 21st century. (Mankiw Blog)

A short profile of MIT economist Iván Werning. (American.com)

The influenza virus “..is more stable and stays in the air longer when air is cold and dry, the exact conditions for much of the flu season.” (NYTimes.com)

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