The Treasury plan to freeze mortgage rate resets and the need to “do something.” (Big Picture, Free Exchange, Marginal Revolution)

Who benefits the most from the aforementioned bailout? (Accrued Interest, Market Movers)

Worries about home equity loans are now bubbling to the surface. (naked capitalism)

Is the subprime mess just the first wave of the credit crunch? (

The lower U.S. dollar “..definitely makes US companies much more attractive…” (FT Alphaville)

A closer look at Citigroup’s acquisition of Old Lane Partners and CEO-candidate Vikram Pandit. (

The recent rally has been driven in large part by bottom fishers. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Hedge fund indices in November, “There’s a performance story here for every angle, including this one: hedge funds outperformed the S&P by over 2% in November.” (All About Alpha)

Will “active ETFs” put mutual funds out of business? (

Another entrant into the growing muni bond ETF space. (,

Are 130/30 mutual funds all they are cracked up to be? (

The VIX is sitting at one-month lows. (Daily Options Report)

A new ETF to play oil prices. (

How to deal with a prolonged trading slump, “Identify slumps early and control losses before they get out of hand.” (TraderFeed)

SPACs are the new status symbol on Wall Street. (DealBook)

A different way of looking at the employment picture. (Crossing Wall Street)

Private equity, has for now, dodged the “carried interest bullet.” (DealZone)

Murdoch shakes up management at the Wall Street Journal, and takes on the New York Times in the process. (Silicon Alley Insider, ibid)

A graphic representation of the Obama and Huckabee surges. (Iowa Electronic Markets)

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