The world of bond insurance is going to change. (Accrued Interest)

Reaching for yield doesn’t always work out. A once huge “enhanced” cash fund closes its doors. (

Just getting used to the VIX? Get ready for the VXV. (VIX and More)

On hedge funds: “The best vehicle known to man for separating country club members from their wealth.” (Globe & Mail)

What incentives drive the managers of sovereign wealth funds? (

A look at the story behind why the “..iPath MSCI India ETN is trading at a premium fast heading toward 25 percent of its underlying value.” (NakedShorts)

More on the IRS ruling on the tax status of currency ETNs. (

Where is that marine shipping ETF? (ETF Trends)

A dozen closed-end funds trading at a discount. (

Under what conditions do momentum strategies work best? (CXO Advisory Group)

The largest headhunting fee ever. (Information Arbitrage)

The tangled web of investment banks and their private equity affiliates. (DealBook)

The worst economic forecasters ever? (

Examining the differences between a recession vs. economic downturn. (Market Movers)

The state of Internet video in your living room. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Why don’t sports teams conduct randomized tests? (Freakonomics)

Voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have the equivalent of 20 votes compared to the rest of us. (Mankiw Blog)

Humans are evolving more rapidly than ever. (

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