Is the TAF simply the discount window by another name? (naked capitalism)

What the blogosphere is saying about the TAF. (A Dash of Insight)

Alan Greenspan is unwilling to take any blame for the housing boom (and bust). (Jeff Matthews, Infectious Greed)

Expect further drops in mortgage equity withdrawals. (Calculated Risk)

The role of inflation in recent retail sales gains. (Big Picture)

Corporations may be in for a tough year, as two new reports indicate that profits may be on the decline, while bankruptcies are expected to rise.” (Real Time Economics)

Blackstone Group (BX) has raised capital to pounce on distressed credits. (DealBook)

The pressure on even well-performing small and mid-size hedge funds continues. (breakingviews via DealBook)

Hedge funds have posted strong returns this year, comfortably outperforming leading equity market indices in spite of widespread turmoil in global capital markets.” (FT Alphaville)

Recognizing sunk costs in the world of private equity. (Deal Journal)

How aggressively will the SWFs invest future funds? (FT Alphaville)

Citigroup (C) should cut its dividend decisively. (Market Movers, Alea)

A 130/30 ETF is coming to market. (

A closer look at the timber ETF, Claymore/Clear Global Timber (CUT). (ETF Trends)

Can the “TIPS party” last? (

Nine big mutual fund surprises. (

What does the 200 day moving average tell us about large market moves? (CXO Adivsory Group)

“The International Diversification Puzzle Is Not as Bad as You Think” (NBER/

A book review of “The Dick Davis Dividend.” (Aleph Blog)

Could Google’s minority stake in AOL force an IPO for the venerable Internet company? (Silicon Alley Insider)

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