Today’s post is an experiment. We usually post only once on weekends. With a raft of interesting items we decided to post today as well. What do you think?

The frontier markets are “..attracting increasing attention in spite of their small size and often patchy infrastructure.” (

Country P/E ratios and year-over-year GDP growth. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Emerging market bond returns have decoupled from junk bond returns. (

Great title….”Insolvency is philosophy, illiquidity is fact.” (Interfluidity)

Why is anyone surprised by the recent inflation statistics? (Jeff Matthews)

Is the financial press beginning to turn on Ben Bernanke? (Mankiw Blog)

Is Paulson’s “style” to blame for the death of the super-SIV and the tenuous nature of the subprime relief plan? (naked capitalism)

Profit maximization and downsizing at the wrong time for mortgage servicers. (Market Movers)

Listed hedge funds are a much bigger deal across the Atlantic. (World Beta)

How do stat-arb funds perform during periods of economic instability? (Humble Student of the Markets)

Some acclaimed value mutual funds are reopening to investors. (

Modeling gross (vs. net) hedge fund returns. (

An ETN composed of closed-end funds. (

An interview with Eugene Fama. (FRB Minneapolis via Economist’s View & Marginal Revolution)

An online business model for college-level textbooks. (Free Exchange)

Post-Mitchell Report, a useful round-up of posts on the use of steroids in baseball. (Odd Numbers)

After a mention in this space, the Traveler IQ Challenge goes big time. (

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