Was there really any alpha to be found in CDO structures? (Alea)

Estimating losses in the CDS market. (Market Movers)

Acceleration and the prospect of a CDO “fire sale.” (FT Alphaville)

Estimating recovery rates for a large mortgage lender. (Accrued Interest)

Berkshire is going to cream off the best part of the guarantee market, the muni bonds, and his presence as a competitor means he can’t be fantasized about as a possible rescuer of any of the failing firms…” (naked capitalism)

An ugly start to the year. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Are we oversold enough yet? (Kirk Report)

Do we need a spike in the VIX to bottom? (VIX and More)

August aside, hedge fund indices finished 2007 ahead of major stock indices. (Marketwatch.com)

Stocks for the next ten years. (Morningstar.com)

Portfolio rebalancers should probably be adding to U.S. asset classes, like blue chips, munis and junk bonds. (WSJ.com)

The attraction of the bank loan funds. (Investing Insights)

Benchmarking inverse indices. (IndexUniverse.com)

Is it really possible to cook up a “homemade hedge fund“? (All About Alpha)

More hedge funds=more activist hedge funds. (DealBook)

Getting cause and effect all mixed up when it comes to the relationship between politics and the markets. (Big Picture, Alea)

“They’re not prediction markets, they’re odd-setting markets.” (Crossing Wall Street)

You mean my “carbon offsets” didn’t really offset any carbon? (NYTimes.com)

What a bottom in the housing market might look like. (Curious Capitalist)

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