Why does the financial media never claim that the bond market is in a bubble? (Crossing Wall Street)

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An early sign of bottoming in the stock market. (IndexIndicators.com)

Data on carving up the global equity pie. (Capital Spectator)

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Blackstone Group (BX) beefs up its hedge fund business and reverses (in part) its own public offering. (DealBook, ibid)

A hedge fund incubator goes public via a reverse merger. (All About Alpha)

Hedge fund activism is hot. (Going Private)

On the challenges of putting together even a simple portfolio of ETFs. (Abnormal Returns)

“A significant reason why the brightest still clamour to sign up at these banks, and why investment bank traders desire to run hedge funds is precisely because their pay is a non-recourse strip of yearly call options on market beta and talent alpha.” (Financial Crookery)

Recession watch. (Calculated Risk, Econbrowser)

The “great moderation” of macroeconomic volatility has flattened out, albeit at low levels. (Economist’s View)

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Some 200 economics blogs ranked. (26econ.com)

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Monitoring home energy use and how, “Your thermostat and your water heater are day-trading for you…” (NYTimes.com)

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