With the stock/bond spread widening, it seems like an opportune time to rebalance your portfolio. (WSJ.com)

“(R)emember diversification is still your only friend.” (Capital Spectator)

We are “kinda, sorta” at sentiment extremes. (Minyanville.com)

Are we paying too much attention to the VIX? (Daily Options Report)

Only 15% of stocks are trading above their 200 day moving average. (Trader Mike)

The five year note is now trading well below the CPI. (Crossing Wall Street)

Declining long-term yields reflect two forces pulling stocks in opposite directions.” (Econbrowser)

Mr. Bernanke is “primarily playing a psychological game.” (Free Exchange)

“I think recent events have shown pretty clearly that a Fed put does exist.” (Interfluidity)

The fed funds rate is finally below the 10 year Treasury note. (MarketBeat)

Looking at the risk of holding a “risk free” asset. (Zero Beta)

“Why then, were there no share buy-backs announced yesterday?” (Jeff Matthews)

Five reasons for optimism. (Marketwatch.com)

Four myths about the stock market. (Market Movers)

A look at a range of potential portfolio diversifiers. (TheStreet.com)

Is now the time that distressed investors have been waiting for? (Marketwatch.com)

Something has got to give. Merger arb spreads are suspiciously wide. (ArbitrageView.com)

Why are financial blogs so bearish? (Infectious Greed)

“Welcome to the new moderation.” (NYTimes.com)

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