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Can the relief rally continue? (,, TraderFeed)

Deep thoughts on the VIX, put/call ratios and Cramer. (Daily Options Report)

Early performance and the life cycle of directional and non-directional hedge funds. (Odd Numbers)

A new structure to terminate private equity deals. (DealBook)

Might private equity firms, like Blackstone (BX), have to return incentive fees already earned, via a “clawback feature.” (

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Turmoil spreads to muni money market funds. (

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“Yahoo!’s days as a stand-alone public company are almost certainly numbered.” (,

What does this all mean for AOL? (Silicon Alley Insider)

“Yet in these turbulent times, Wall Street traders are behaving like toddlers.” (

Trend sensitivities in nominal GDP. (Crossing Wall Street)

ECRI’s measure of future economic growth fell to a six-year low. ( via Calculated Risk)

Recession fears rise on the poor January jobs report. (, Econbrowser)

Spain’s housing crisis is arguably worse than that in the U.S. (naked capitalism)

“The financial system that has bankrolled Iceland’s rapid growth is under suspicion.” (

(I)nnovation is a slow process of accretion, building small insight upon interesting fact upon tried-and-true process.” (

Some one really enjoys this blog.  (Going Private)

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