Get used to to the current state of stock market volatility. (Market Movers)

By one measure markets are overbought in the short term. (Trader’s Narrative)

“My advice is to ignore any chatter you may hear that so-and-so is good or bad for the market.” (Crossing Wall Street, MarketBeat)

The process of rebalancing is simple. The hard part is being able to ignore the noise and the emotions that arise and actually carrying out the strategy.” (

Approval of actively managed ETFs seems imminent. (,

By one measure, 48 ETFs are potentially on the chopping block. (NakedShorts)

A simple approach to creating a synthetic equity market neutral fund. (Humble Student of the Markets)

“General rule: Lower expenses, higher performance.” (

Tracking the risk of your mutual fund. (

“The bottom line — either equities are extremely under-valued, or analyst consensus earnings are significantly too high.” (Big Picture)

Comparing dividend yields to Treasury yields. (FT Alphaville)

A new measure of operational risk of helps predict hedge fund failure. (

Montreal is a hotbed of hedge fund replication research. (All About Alpha)

“What this means in practice is that the successful training programs for traders are content-rich, highly structured, and run in a hands-on manner.” (TraderFeed)

Coal prices are rising. (

In search of some volatility? How about the newish Van Eck Market Vectors Coal ETF (KOL)? (

The oil futures curve is flattening. (

The declining state of open outcry trading of futures. (FT Alphaville)

Sell sheep, buy cattle. (

“The credit crunch, if that is what one should call higher standards, appears to be contained to the real estate market.” (Marginal Revolution see also naked capitalism & Calculated Risk)

Tired of the “Bernanke put?” How about the “Beijing Olympics put?” (

The James B. Stewart profile of Stephen Schwarzman. (

Google (GOOG) is the only winner in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. (Howard Lindzon)

Positive and normative investment bloggers. (Abnormal Returns)

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