Unusually low short term interest rates from 2002 to 2005 helped fuel the housing bubble. (SSRN.com)

Was there really a housing bubble? (Marginal Revolution)

Credit correlations are at a high indicating widespread fear. (Alea, Market Movers)

Add CLOs and the whole syndicated loan market to the list of credit market issues. (DealBreaker.com, MarketBeat)

Warren Buffett wants to “muscle in on the muni insurance racket.” (Portfolio.com, naked capitalism)

Municipal credit quality and auction success are two different things. (Accrued Interest, Bloomberg.com)

Weaker fundamentals have lead to this current period of market weakness. (Crossing Wall Street)

According to one survey risk aversion is at a seven year high. (Marketwatch.com)

Not surprisingly, the “appetite for alpha” is expected to rise. (All About Alpha)

All-in-one capital market ETFs are the broadest funds launched to-date. (ETF Trends)

Foreign bond funds are attracting more attention in a weak dollar environment. (WSJ.com)

Hedge fund assets are pushing $2.8 trillion. (InstitutionalInvestor.com)

Financial patent foolishness. (Alea)

On the prospects for a MicroHoo deal. (Slate.com, Market Movers, Silicon Alley Insider, FT Alphaville, Infectious Greed)

A “railroad renaissance” is taking hold in the U.S. (WSJ.com)

‘Noisy trading’ in the increasingly high profile political prediction markets. (NYTimes.com, Odd Numbers)

Happy second blogiversary to Going Private. (Going Private)

Are sports teams simply tulip bulbs? And a hold up in any deal for the Chicago Cubs. (EconLog, WSJ.com)

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