Investment advice from David F. Swensen, “Don’t try anything fancy. Stick to a simple diversified portfolio, keep your costs down and rebalance periodically to keep your asset allocations in line with your long-term goals.” – (

Hedge funds are beginning to nibble on auction-rate securities. (

In the world of leveraged loans, 80 is the ‘new par.’ (Deal Journal)

The world of formerly jumbo mortgage loans is going to change a great deal in the next six months. (Calculated Risk)

“(I)f the economy keeps slowing, credit default swaps, like subprime mortgages, may become a household term.” (

The market can err in confusing uncertainty and risk. (

Billionaires have very different goals and motivations when they invest. Follow them at your own risk! (Big Picture)

Is Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX) once again a buy? (

Vanguard is well-positioned to profit from growth in the ETF industry. (

A smaller hedge fund calls it quits over investor demands for a more robust infrastructure. (

The risk arb situation in Yahoo! (YHOO). (Market Movers)

How to deal with out of the blue questions. (The Stalwart)

Is American ‘over-retailed‘? (

People are glum, but not hopeless.” (Floyd Norris)

The week in ‘economic tea leaves.’ (Econbrowser)

“Perhaps the greatest challenge facing behavioral economics is demonstrating its applicability in the real world.” (Freakonomics)

The intersection between Hollywood and hedge funds has not been an altogether happy one. (

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