Complexity, leverage, and iffy performance is coming back to haunt the hedge fund complex. (

Is the golden age of the hedge fund over? (naked capitalism)

AQR Capital Management is the poster child for the problems facing quant funds. (

Stick to your knitting. (Alea)

“Investing is clearly a game that is far more complex and subject to dramatically more causal factors than tossing a coin. However, no sane person would deny that chance must play some sort of role in an investor’s results.” (Epicurean Dealmaker)

How companies raise capital (and how much) tells us something about the state of the market. (

Are the global equity markets in the midst of a long term ‘ice age?’ (

Interest in XLF options is on the rise. (VIX and More)

Three of the four horsemen of the Nasdaq are limping. (Big Picture)

There is “huge demand” for India ETFs. (ETF Trends)

Is the ‘PEG ratio‘ a useful investment tool? (Aleph Blog)

Some of my worst trades are “winners” taken off WAY too early.” (Daily Options Report)

Remember to rebalance. (World Beta)

The interview is usually the best piece in Barron’s each week. (Controlled Greed)

“Which kind of credit crisis is the current one, a panic or a reckoning?” (Interfluidity)

“In other words, we need come to some conclusion with the monolines before the economy can start moving forward.” (Accrued Interest)

Science proves it…people are sheep. (Alea)

Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power.” (

“Remember the first rule of consumer journalism: you’re not selling content to readers, you’re selling readers to advertisers.” (Market Movers)

Now this was a good investment. A bettor turned 50 pence into 1 million pounds with a wager on eight horse races. (

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