U.S. corporations are flush with cash. Net debt ratios hover around zero. (NYTimes.com)

Will a weak economy prompt more corporate divestitures? (Financial Week)

“(N)ow both the bond market and foreign exchange show acute concern for the US economy.” (FT Alphaville)

Investors are increasingly turning to currencies as an asset class. (Capital Spectator)

Have commodity index investors pushed prices too high, too fast? (Telegraph.co.uk)

Potential winners and losers in the coming economic shakeout. (Portfolio.com)

New supply is going to hold down the muni market for some time to come. (Accrued Interest)

“(M)uni bonds have an entirely different customer base than corporate bonds.” (Curious Capitalist)

Is another publicly traded hedge fund on tap? (24/7 Wall St.)

Brokers are pulling back credit to customers. (naked capitalism)

What sector performance is telling us about the state of the stock market. (Bespoke Investment Group, Afraid to Trade)

Emerging market fund managers are looking to invest in countries less tied to global economic growth. (WSJ.com)

Some high profile value investors have reopened their equity mutual funds to new investment. (MSN Money)

While appealing, target date mutual funds have certain flaws. (TheStreet.com)

Point-counterpoint on the state of the Spainish real estate market. (Market Movers, Alea)

Reg FD seems to have stopped school-based information flow to sell-side analysts. (SSRN.com)

Ten insights from Warren Buffett’s 2007 shareholder letter. (Telegraph.co.uk)

The market is skeptical that a Microsoft-Yahoo deal will happen. (Infectious Greed)

A “sneak peek” at Google’s future stock price. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Barry Ritholtz talks about FusionIQ. (The Disciplined Investor)

Always do your own due diligence. (Aleph Blog)

Quantitative models sometimes need a little human intervention. (The Stalwart)

If only Ben Bernanke’s job were as easy as tightrope walking. (Free Exchange)

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