“In standard models of asset pricing, negative real interest rates are most likely to arise if growth expectations are particularly low or if uncertainty is particularly high.” (Mankiw Blog)

Why are other central banks not playing follow the Fed? (WSJ.com, NYTimes.com)

How much attention should central banks pay to commodity-led inflation? (FT Alphaville)

Searching for safe havens in times of stagflation. (Market Blog)

The CEO-family foundation stock sale story breaks into the mainstream media. (WSJ.com, NYTimes.com)

“(T)he Chairman of the Federal Reserve is advising financial institutions to take a hit, write down principal, both their own and the common good.” (Big Picture)

“(I)it seems that the [auction rate securities] market used to be healthy, once upon a time, but that it’s now a thing of the past – and nothing, not even a swanky new electronic trading platform, is likely to save it.” (Market Movers)

Have commodities markets gone too far, too fast? (naked capitalism)

Still more declines for the ABX and CMBX indices. (Calculated Risk)

Seven (very different) views on the pricing of corporate bonds. (Aleph Blog)

The so-called smart money is decidedly neutral – neither bullish as they were last summer and far from as bearish as they were when the market bottomed out back in 2003.” (Kirk Report)

How this stock market decline stacks up to previous bear markets. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Newsletter writers have become awfully gloomy of late. (Marketwatch.com)

Asset allocation policy is a cornerstone in building your own investment portfolio. (InVivoAnalytics.com)

“Always compare any investment to the risk-free investment before you make a decision.” (IndexUniverse.com)

A closer look at the two newly trading Indian equity ETFs. (IndexUniverse.com)

An explanation for the post-earnings announcement drift anomaly. (Odd Numbers)

Currency movements may help predict future commodity prices. (Real Time Economics)

The long term Apple (AAPL) growth story is still intact. (Silicon Alley Insider)

FoxBusiness.com passes CNBC.com online. CNNMoney.com outpaces them both. (Silicon Alley Insider, Advertising Age via Huffington Post)

Why aren’t even the most popular blogs worth more? (Infectious Greed)

Can the Clover, an $11,000 coffee machine, change the way we think about (and drink) coffee? (Slate.com)

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