Is there a fatal flaw in the Fundamental Law of Active Management? (Ultimi Barbarorum)

Are 130/30 funds a “securities lending jackpot”? (All About Alpha)

Carlyle Capital played with fire (leverage) and got burned. (Market Movers)

Small, start-up credit hedge funds are facing a “funding squeeze.” (Times Online via DealBook)

Sometimes the rumors really are true. Bear Stearns (BSC) really is having liquidity issues. (Calculated Risk, MarketBeat, Daily Options Report, DealBook)

Will the liquidity infusion at Bear Stearns take? (Market Movers, Floyd Norris, Silicon Alley Insider)

Is the deluge of subprime writedowns at large financial institutions slowing? (FT Alphaville, Accrued Interest, naked capitalism)

Are we getting closer to the day of a coordinated intervention to prop up the dollar? (Real Time Economics, FT Alphaville)

Investment banks are dealing with a drought in private equity-related fees. (Deal Journal)

Barry has been way too positive on the stock market. (Big Picture)

Speaking of fees, the Visa (V) IPO is oversubscribed and on track to provide member banks with a “windfall.” (,

Answering some common questions on his asset allocation model. (World Beta)

Q&A with one of our faves Jason Goepfert of (Kirk Report)

A non-lethal, brand-addictive product can’t be too bad a business, in the long run.” (Jeff Matthews)

“(T)he bond market would appear to agree with the gold market that inflation has gotten dramatically worse in recent months.” (

However, the BLS begs to differ on the CPI. (NakedShorts)

There is a distinction between uncertainty and risk. (Economist’s View)

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. ( via Free Exchange)

Google (GOOG) is getting into the ad serving software business. (Bits,

“You’re witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform: Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone.” (

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