Lehman Bros. (LEH) is under stress, but should skirt Bear Stearns’ fate. (WSJ.com, breakingviews.com, Market Movers)

Investment banks may be safe, but hedge funds are not. (Interfluidity)

“(T)he psychological repercussions of a Bear bankruptcy would have been even more devastating than the financial ones.” (Slate.com)

Let the layoffs begin. (DealBreaker.com, ibid)

Karma is a bear. “Without the trust of other banks or hedge funds, Bear was toast.” (Market Movers also Infectious Greed, Crossing Wall Street)

What are investment banking franchises truly worth? (Curious Capitalist)

Could shareholder have put Bear into an involuntary liquidation? (DealScape)

A new indicator to stress over. (FT Alphaville)

The Fed is on the case in taking “imaginative and aggressive actions.” (Dash of Insight)

A 50-year low in the yield on the 3-month T-bill. (Crossing Wall Street)

“We believe nervous sights should, instead, be set on China, where the fallout of the greatest bubble of all time, the China Bubble, may be coming to a head.” (Jeff Matthews)

Are commodities next to take a hit? (FT Alphaville, naked capitalism, Humble Student)

What could go right? (Howard Lindzon)

The CME Group (CME) just keeps on getting bigger. (WSJ.com, ChicagoTribune.com)

Two new ETNs to play the Indian Rupee and Chinese Renminbi. (IndexUniverse.com)

Abby Joseph Cohen will stop making S&P 500 forecasts. (Daily Options Report, Bespoke Investment Group)

What happens if your broker goes under? (WSJ.com)

An insider look at the ETF industry. (IndexUniverse.com)

The similarities between trader coaching and college counseling. (TraderFeed)

Hedge funds on average perform well on the front nine, mulligan or not. (All About Alpha)

Using macroeconomic indicators to predict bear markets. (CXO Advisory Group)

Research into price and earnings momentum in international markets. (Asset Allocation)

Fear and the risk of overshooting on house prices to the downside. (Marginal Revolution)

Falling interest rates help explain higher commodity prices. (RGE Monitor)

Now is a fascinating time to be a Fed watcher. (Mankiw Blog)

Single family home starts the lowest since 1991. (Calculated Risk)

Of what practical use is behavioral economics? (Odd Numbers)

The big money in the econoblogosphere. (Abnormal Returns)

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