The Econoblogosphere (pardon the capitalization) just keeps on growing. After a series of posts on the economics of the economics blogosphere we have added a new category where one can access our posts on the topic. Further there are a number of interesting items up on the changing nature of this space.

First a shout out to John Carney and the crew at which garnered a “must read in a Web 2.0 world” tag from* (No doubt in anticipation of this news.) It is interesting to note how the approaches the five blogs selected differ.

“There is no way to accurately put a value on blogs and blogging companies” but Douglas A. McIntyre at 24/7 Wall St. gives it a shot. This list of the “25 most valuable blogs” is an interesting glimpse into the range and scope of blog models.  According to Henry Blodget at Silicon Alley Insider it is “..the most thoughtful and comprehensive look at the value of some top blogs that we’ve ever seen.”  Econobloggers should also note that Seeking Alpha comes in tied for 6th on the list.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture notes a new competitor in the market blogosphere Real Clear Markets.** It will be interesting to see how this road-tested business model plays in the econoblogosphere. On balance, he likes the site, but has some editorial qualms. We would also note that Real Clear Markets emphasizes mainstream media sources a little too much for our taste.

Mebane Faber at World Beta likes the idea of blog aggregators, but finds Real Clear Markets “poorly designed and edited.” On the bright side, he is a fan of Abnormal Returns and puts us in the class with the likes of non-market related aggregators like Instapundit and Kottke.

Faber also believes that there is room in the econoblogosphere for a competitor to Seeking Alpha. Frankly, so do we. No one is likely to surpass SA given their head start, but there are ways to do things differently. Not so coincidentally, we have also been exploring ways to create a better business model for econoblogs. In that light, we are open to your thoughts on the subject. We have also turned comments on for this post.

If you have recommendations or suggestions for our eyes only please feel free to send them along. Thanks in advance.

*Thanks to the always resourceful The Stalwart for the heads-up.

**In full disclosure Abnormal Returns has been the beneficiary of a couple of outlinks from Real Clear Markets.