“Given the structure of the trend in the Treasury market, it does look as if the prices have peaked and interest rates have bottomed.” (Barrons.com)

Is there a pending “collateral shortage“? (Alea)

How close are we to having central banks buy “impaired securities” outright? (FT Alphaville)

How private equity firms are getting around change of control provisions. (Deal Journal)

A tough start to a targeted Target (TGT) investment. (DealBreaker.com)

Why it is really difficult to distinguish good hedge fund managers from bad. (DealBook)

Soros talking his book, literally and figuratively. (FT Alphaville)

There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes “alternative investments.” (All About Alpha)

Look who’s coming to dinner, vulture investors. (Marketwatch.com, Market Movers)

Winning the recession forecasting contest is a bit like winning one’s NCAA March Madness pool. The most thoughtful handicapping may lose to those taking an eccentric but winning position.” (Dash of Insight)

Margin debt is not a particularly good predictor of market movements. (CXO Advisory Group)

Commodities or equities, but not both. (VIX and More)

Color us skeptical that individual investors should be opening brokerage accounts around the world. (WSJ.com)

“Many more traders would be successful if they only traded when they were in the right state of mind.” (TraderFeed)

A big loss for the Wall Street Journal. (Mixed Media)

The new Nudge Blog by Thaler and Sunstein. (Nudge)

A happy two-year blogiversary to the crew at DealBreaker.com. (DealBreaker.com)

The per-capita recession has already started. (Big Picture)

Unemployment claims point to a good, old fashioned recession. (Calculated Risk, Capital Spectator)

Feed culls, and the fact that social filtering leaves a lot to be desired. (The Stalwart)

“Apple has produced a product [the iPhone] that is promising but short of the mark in 3G Western Europe, reasonably good for the US but a smash hit in emerging markets.” (Silicon Alley Insider)

Yet another reason to indulge in a cup of coffee every day. (Telegraph.co.uk)

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