Alan Greenspan on the housing bubble, “I’m surprised it went as far as it did. I am having the same problem now with surging prices of oil and food. Are they bubbles?” ( also naked capitalism, Big Picture, Jeff Matthews)

The new business of private equity firms is…public equity. (

Clearing out the backlog of leveraged loans via a CLO. (FT Alphaville)

Target date funds are getting a lot more attention as a result of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.” (”

Some supposedly “safe” bond funds have taken a hit from the crisis in asset-backed securities. (, Market Movers)

Even the big names in the hedge fund industry take a hit from time to time. (DealBook)

Plans for a publicly traded hedge fund manager north of the border. (

The best fund manager of our time. (

“(I)n a world of scarce great shorting opportunities, shorting ETFs may not be that bad after all – as long as the information ratio is your key metric.” (All About Alpha)

What can Carl Icahn really accomplish at Motorola (MOT)? (Ultimi Barbarorum,

Wall Street is “losing patience” with Yahoo (YHOO). (Silicon Alley Insider)

“2007 goes down as the first year in which buybacks exceeded profits for an entire year.” (Floyd Norris also MarketBeat)

Using basketball to demonstrate that “(M)arket sentiment is very “sticky.” (Dash of Insight)

Full transcript (.pdf) from a Q&A with Jason Goepfert of (Kirk Report)

An underreported development. (Zero Beta)

Pushing the market efficiency argument a touch too far. (Infectious Greed)

A timely review of a “classic” commodities paper. (CXO Advisory Group)

What shape will the recession take? (Calculated Risk, FT Alphaville)

The downshift in economic growth expectations. (Econbrowser)

A more “nuanced view” emerges from research into the question of global macroeconomic decoupling. (Odd Numbers)

Grumbling in the econoblogosphere. (Abnormal Returns)

We are not alone. (

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