A rough first quarter for hedge funds, and now some funds are making it harder to exit. (WSJ.com, ibid)

Banks are now able to exit leveraged loans, but at a price. (WSJ.com)

Private equity loves 3-Month LIBOR.” (Going Private)

So how much is Apollo worth? (DealBook, ibid)

Style drift in the world of private equity. (Prince of Wall Street)

Wilbur Ross is eyeing banks and thrifts. (ReportonBusiness.com)

“Fundamentally, the Fed’s balance sheet constraint is and should be a political constraint.” (Interfluidity)

Interbank lending stress remains. (naked capitalism)

Yahoo! (YHOO), Microsoft (MSFT), News Corp. (NWS), Google (GOOG) and AOL, oh my. (NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, DealBook, Silicon Alley Insider)

Contrary to popular belief, hedge funds hate volatility. (Ultimi Barbaroum, Market Movers)

Stocks vs. bonds – a longer term look. (Crossing Wall Street)

What happened to volume? (Zero Beta)

Competition coming to the world of international ETFs. (ETF Trends)

The Seeking Alpha model explained. (Seeking Alpha)

“$2,355 a post”….Cramer’s lucrative new deal. (Tech Trader Daily also footnoted.org)

Free data sources. (26econ.com)

Is inflation “back” or did it never really go away? (Big Picture)

Middle class angst on the rise. (Real Time Economics)

On second thought, economic growth and happiness may go hand in hand. (Odd Numbers)

Is this a good first step for the “new” Starbucks (SBUX)? (Time.com)

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