Mars-Wrigley-Berkshire. (, FT Alphaville, Crossing Wall Street,

David Einhorn is becoming a high-profile face for the hedge fund industry. (

Investors are pulling money from the big mutual fund families. (naked capitalism)

Expect more fundamentally-managed 130/30 strategies. (All About Alpha)

Complacency and a slew of bullish fund managers. (Floyd Norris, Big Picture)

Bringing big options trades into the light. (Daily Options Report)

Applying biological algorithims to financial modeling. (Alea)

Hedge fund managers gun to earn fee incentives. (Financial Armageddon)

How would an attempt at a hostile takeover of Yahoo! (YHOO) by Microsoft (MSFT) actually work? (

Look who’s getting into the municipal bond insurance business. (

Research into the role ‘reinforcement learning theory‘ plays in investor actions. (Journal of Finance – .pdf)

“Should we worry that monetary policy may lose effectiveness over time?” (Economist’s View)

Why is free trade so hard to understand? (

Mining the blogosphere for ‘competitive intelligence.’ (Financial Week)

“Yes, econoblogging is increasingly a paid job. But that doesn’t make it tough to break into, if you have the ability.” (Market Movers)

Why do I love Apple? They intend to make money because of my desires, not despite them.” (Equity Private also Epicurean Dealmaker)

Seven confessions of an Apple Mac specialist. (Consumerist)

The future of newspapers is paperless. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Don’t let headhunters make decisions for you. (Mergers & Inquisitions)

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