Microsoft (MSFT) walks away from a Yahoo! (YHOO) deal. The fallout. ( also DealBook, Silicon Alley Insider,, Truth on the Market, Infectious Greed)

The next head of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) is… (

Warren Buffett – just buy index funds. (

Citigroup (C) “bought a loser” when it purchased Old Lane Partners. (DealBook)

Research into how ‘highfliers’ react around earnings announcements. (

Target-date funds are taking over the defined contribution market. (

What to do when your investment manager hits a cold streak.  (

Plan. Trade. Reassess plan. Trade: It’s a rhythm that combines the best of achievement motivation and aggression with the best of judgment and forethought.” (TraderFeed)

The credit crisis is not over, not by a long shot. (Calculated Risk)

What the heck is going in Japan these days? (

Thinking about what can go wrong with risk models. (

The use of ARCH in macroeconomic research. (Econbrowser)

Seasonal adjustments can have a big affect on economic statistics. (Big Picture)

Economists are a different breed. (Economist’s View)

A solution to the global food crisis. (Marginal Revolution)

Saluting Generation X, seriously. (

A passing of the torch. (

Applying sabremetric techniques to basketball. (

All is not well in the horse racing industry. (naked capitalism)

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