(F)iguring out whether a commodity exceeds its fundamental value is difficult: Because there is no income stream, there is no equivalent to the price-to-earnings ratios that people use to value stocks.” (WSJ.com also Calculated Risk, NakedShorts, FT Alphaville)

“True contrarian” fund manager Ken Heebner is putting up the best numbers of his career. (Fortune.com)

The scoop on the Coppock Guide “..an esoteric and rarely mentioned technical indicator.” (Trader’s Narrative)

A mixed sentiment picture. (Marketwatch.com)

Some off the beaten path trading strategies from James Altucher. (FT.com)

How to spot (and avoid) investment scams. (Aleph Blog)

Increasing industry concentration in the hedge fund industry continues apace. (All About Alpha)

Are all-world ETFs all that attractive? (WSJ.com)

“Northern Trust has planted its flag in a crowded ETF landscape with offerings following locally recognized indexes for foreign markets such as the U.K, Japan and Germany.” (Marketwatch.com)

“Remember, trading is not an arena where you should be concerned with how you think others view you, or to be deluded about how you view yourself.” (Bill Rempel)

Talk about never having to say you were sorry. (Silicon Alley Insider)

“In investing, as in many other things, avoiding confusion about why you’re doing it is a fundamental prerequisite to being even mildly competent.” (Issues Blog)

The mystery of the last days of Bear Stearns. (WSJ.com also naked capitalism)

What to do, and not to do, in your summer internship. (Mergers & Inquisitions)

How to fix Twitter’s “scaling conundrum.” (GigaOm.com)

Why the “de-coupling of the major developed economies is even less likely to occur.” (Econbrowser)

Risk and return are correlated in the long run. Taking risks is the key to making big returns. But you must learn to live with risk, mitigate risk, and price risk as best you can.” (Fred Wilson)

Insider trading is a bigger deal in sports than in the financial markets.” (NYTimes.com)

A sign of the times…it’s quiet in the Hamptons. (Real Time Economics, Big Picture)

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