Debt buybacks look like the money spinning scheme du jour…” (FT Alphaville)

The rating agencies still have some power…to tank investment banking stocks. (MarketBeat, FT Alphaville)

Lehman (LEH) is going to have to raise some capital to get through this credit crisis. (, Market Movers, naked capitalism)

It is tough being a dividend yield-focused investor these days. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Maybe M&A does pay (for the companies doing the acquiring) after all. (DealBook)

There’s gold on them thar options exchanges. (Daily Options Report)

The clock is now ticking on the future of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. (

In the age of superstar hedge fund managers, how has Seth Klarman stayed below the radar screen for so long? (1-2 Knockout)

A ‘black swan‘ sighted. (Big Picture)

Our real-time stock quotes are better than yours. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Consumer inflation is not a uniform affair. (Curious Capitalist)

The May ISM manufacturing report was bullish or was it? (Bespoke Investment Group, Big Picture)

Pension costs are going to put the hurt on cities and states. (

On the similarities between Silicon Valley (circa 2008) and Venice (circa 1450). (Broken Symmetry)

Ranking the top 25 newspaper websites. (24/7 Wall St.)

More explanations for the MLB power slump so far this season. (Odd Numbers)

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