Inflation fears are now a world wide phenomenon. ( also Infectious Greed)

Is the Fed window for investment bank borrowing now permanently open? (

Are we looking at the wrong “misery index“? (Big Picture)

Libor gets a makeover. (

(T)here is a lot of private equity money sloshing about, which makes competition for those small deals fierce.” (DealBook)

A huge move in the two-year Treasury note has people talking. (MarketBeat)

Junk bond default rates are set to jump even higher. (naked capitalism)

Tom Brown and the downside of arguing with the stock market. (DealZone)

As more come to market, the increasingly curious case of the performance of double inverse ETFs. (Daily Options Report also, ETF Trends)

U.S. market cap as a percentage of world market cap. (Bespoke Investment Group)

What happens to your money when an ETF liquidates? (ETF Trends)

“(T)he idea of a wealth effect doesn’t stand up to economic data.” (

The effect of the ‘Great Moderation‘ on jobs growth. (Odd Numbers)

Measuring inflation is not as easy as it looks. (Dash of Insight)

The Fed has no one to blame for their predicament but themselves.” (Economist’s View)

“Who would have guessed that Apple—onetime victim of IBM and Microsoft—would today be an agent and symbol of industry consolidation?” (

Investing strategies for iPhone customers. ( via Daring Fireball)

FiLife has launched. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Classic children’s characters are getting a makeover. (

More on the popcorn pricing puzzle. (

“A new study shows that MLB teams that travel such distances [three time zones] to play a game could have up to a 60 percent chance of losing.” (Scientific American)

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