“Perhaps the best argument for frontier markets is that they perform so differently.” (WSJ.com)

“Activists take on the trouble and expense of behaving like hands-on, if sometimes antagonistic, owners.” (breakingviews/WSJ.com)

Stephen Rattner, “Every where you turn, there are endless reams of personal-investing advice. It all does people a disservice. It’s kidding an investor into believing he or she can beat the odds.” (Portfolio.com)

Taylor Larimore, “The easiest way to beat the average investor, professional or otherwise is to: save regularly, avoid mistakes, have an asset-allocation plan, diversify with broad market index funds, keep costs low (including taxes), strive for simplicity, and stay the course.” (IndexUniverse.com)

Any InBev-Bud deal will come at a high (syndicated loan) price. (FT Alphaville)

Individuals have become decidedly bearish on the stock market. (Bespoke Investment Group)

What happens if the Saudis raise oil production? (Econbrowser)

Time to keep a closer eye on market-derived inflation ‘break-even rates.’ (Telegraph.co.uk)

Inflation update: Japan and the UK. (naked capitalism, Big Picture)

“So municipal bond insurance is insurance against any given municipality defaulting; it’s much weaker as insurance against municipalities in general facing enormous difficulties which end up forcing them into default.” (Market Movers)

This whole rating business is harder than earlier thought. (NakedShorts)

“In short, mortgage foreclosures and defaults are just now hitting their stride, and we are likely to observe a second round of credit fears as those losses mount.” (Hussman Funds)

The week in alpha-centric news. (All About Alpha)

The next big food topic: aquaculture. (Marginal Revolution)

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